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Real GRACE Brings Real CHANGE

…” I am what I am because God’s GRACE towards me was not without effect,” – 1 Corinthians 15:10 

Known by many titles, but prefers her given name, Sarah Grace, has embraced God’s grace in her life in a way that effects everything she does!

This “Grace Effect” elevated this once “high school dropout” with years of self-destructive living behind her, having had no sense of identity or purpose to a place where she now helps others find and express theirs. Sarah credits it all to an encounter with God following a simple prayer where she asked if He was real. Approximately one year she made a decision to embrace the person and teachings of Christ which was ultimately was reborn and began her journey of remarkable transformation. Sarah has since, done all she can to share her story and the wisdom she has gained through her own personal journey of transformation.

Sarah’s first speaking engagement was over twenty-one years ago at a women’s conference just weeks after her decision to follow Christ. Since then, Sarah has been able to share her “spirit-led” testimonial style of teaching and preaching from the church house to the jailhouse with stops on multiple social media, radio, and television outlets including both interviews and original programming where she serves as executive producer and host, and even through her own self-published books.

…”I am who I am because God’s grace in me was not without effect.” 1 Corinthians 15:10

During her over 21 years of faith in Christ, she has also went through apprentice-style training under senior leaders and served local churches and communities in a diversity of ways, and was eventually publicly recognized and affirmed as a preacher and leader through licensing and ordination into Christian ministry. Some of the areas Sarah has served include being a church administrator, inner-city outreach director, women’s ministry director, associate pastor, and Lead Pastor. Sarah currently serves as the Director of Charis Global Outreach non-profit organization which serves as an umbrella to her diverse work in ministry. Sarah also serves on the board of directors of the “From Your Father” organization with a mission to minister to single mothers and she is a member of the Christian Women in Media Association.

Sarah has received many awards, honors, and affirmations concerning her calling including two nominations for an honorary doctorate of divinity. In 2016, in celebration of her 10th anniversary of formal ordination, she was formally re-affirmed as an Elder in the Christian Community.

Sarah is also a woman of business and a celebrated “creative” who works as a digital designer offering graphic, web, and video design to her a diversity of clientele ranging from individual brands to musical artists, authors, speakers, small businesses, and large brands and corporations.

On a personal level, Sarah is also dubbed a super mom by many, as she has weathered life after divorce gracefully as a single mother of seven, homeschool educator, and “mom-ager” to her children’s many talents which have landed them on red-carpets, independent magazine covers, films, music videos, and more! Her children are also known for their frequent appearances on social media live broadcasts, and some have even shared the podium with her during her travels as a speaker.

Sarah’s work has not gone unnoticed and has positioned Sarah to receive a diversity of titles, certificates, nominations, awards, and a host of testimonies of the lives impacted by her life but there is nothing that brings Sarah more joy than seeing others embrace #thegraceeffect in their lives.